Sheriff for all the people of York County



     Welcome citizens of York County.  I would like to share with you a brief synopsis of my extensive background and experience, which will be key to keeping our communities safe. I hope that when you learn more about me, you trust that I am the best candidate for Sheriff of York County.

     At an early age in life I realized I had a passion for helping and protecting people, and along with those responsibilities was the excitement of the unknown circumstances or dangers that awaited.

Starting in police work in 1984, I found my destiny and began a 25 year career in law enforcement. This was the base foundation that catapulted me into a 7 year, high threat, high risk diplomatic security assignment in Kosovo, Iraq and Afghanistan.

When I came home to the U.S. I may have left behind the risk of everyday survival, but what I did not leave behind was my valuable education in the vast field of security.

Now, I would like to share my knowledge and experience with all the people of York County for a safer tomorrow. 


United By A Common Goal

As your candidate, I know the value of working together to accomplish an objective and work towards a common goal.  Being a native citizen of York County, a father and a grandfather, we share a common goal with similar allegiances and concerns. As a former police officer and mission team leader, I have the proven leadership and skills to take the citizens of York county to a higher level of security. With an entirely new, updated approach, I will be implementing programs vital to the safety of our communities. I realize the dire need for a proactive approach to security, early intervention and the education of our youth. We all strive for a safer community for our families, and I would be honored to serve the citizens of York County, sharing my knowledge and experience as we work together in reaching our common goal.

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More interaction with young students in schools about drugs and violence with use of K-9 with a focus on proactive programs.

School security assessments, personally designed reaction procedures and training for crucial incidents assessing the strong and weak points of the school's security and making recommendations. 

Develop SAP (Sheriff Assistance Program) to assist or aid in the far outreaches of York County for adult probation checks, local police backup, warrant service and prisoner transport.

Re-establish Criminal Response Unit disbanded in 2016 which was critical in bringing criminals to justice, deterring future crimes and bringing $150 million in revenues to York County with lost fines.

Promote inmate work crew to clean up hazardous areas and beautify York County

Bring back bike patrol in downtown York including the courthouse area for citizen safety.

Create positive work environment for all deputies utilizing their talents and skills benefiting them and our communities.

Create a gun safety program available to new gun permit individuals.

Most importantly as elected Sheriff, through experience, knowledge and a great team, I would be honored to have the citizens of York County put their trust in me. Just as the State Department and the United Nations trusted me with lives of their most valued dignitaries and ambassadors, I would be honored to serve and protect each and every life in York County. 

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 I cannot win this race without your help! On election day, your vote will make a difference in achieving our goals for a safer tomorrow . 

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