Professional Profile



  • Certificate of Appreciation: Regional Security Office and American Embassy Ambassador's Protective Detail, Baghdad, Iraq
  •  Certificate of Appreciation: Blackwater Operation Iraqi Freedom 
  • Letter of Appreciation: UN Mission in Kosovo, Close Protection Unit
  •  Letter of Commendation: Jackson TWP Police prevention of a suicide
  •  PA. Governor's Highway Safety Award: Drunk Driving Arrests
  •  Prevention of three violent deaths


>Deputy Sheriff Adams County, PA

Adams County PA Sheriff Office

Duties: Warrant Service, Courtroom  Security, Prisoner Transport

>Deputy Sheriff York, PA

York County PA Sheriff Office

Job title: Criminal Response Unit

Duties: Warrant Service, assist with other criminal response agencies, courtroom security

>Diplomatic Security Specialist, Kabul, Herat. Afghanistan

Intemational Development Solutions, Moyock, NC

State Department High Threat Protection DSS/WPPS II-93.5 hrs.

Job Title: Protective Security Specialist to US Ambassador and US Dignitaries

Duties: Body Guard. Lead, Follow Driver, Gunner. Site Survey , QRF, CAT


>Diplomatic Security Specialist, Baghdad, Iraq May 2010

 Triple Canopy, Herndon, VA

State Department High Threat Protection DSS/WPPS II

Job Title: Embassy Liaisons Unit, U.S. Embassy Baghdad Iraq, support Regional Security Office/Counter Measures

Duties: Security/Host of Foreign Visiting Dignitaries Personal Security Protective Team Team Leader

> Diplomatic Security Specialist, Erbil. Iraq

Dyncorp Intl, Richmond, VA

State Department High Threat Protection DDS/WPPS- 164 hrs 

Job Title: Protective Security Specialist to visiting Ambassador Hill, US Dignitaries and regular Red Zone details to station US Dignitaries

Duties: Body Guard. AIC, Follow Driver, Gunner, Site Survey, QRF,CAT

> Diplomatic Security Specialist. Baghdad, Iraq Sept 2004 

Blackwater USA, Moyock, NC Dec 2007

State Department High Threat Protection - 127 hrs

DSS/WPPS program I and II-50hrs

Job Title: Body Guard to US Ambassador Khaiilzad, Crocker,

Deputy Chief of Mission Speckhard, Butenis and visiting

Dignitaries, National Intelligence Negrapontee. Attorney General Gonzolas, and Congressman Todd Platts (to name a few)

Duties. Bodyguard, AIC and Lead, Limo, Follow Driver. Gunner,

Hardening of Site. Site Survey and Regular Red Zone Details and Team Leader Camp Security/Mass Casualty Evacuation. Resident

Security of Ambassador Residence

> High Risk Close Protection Unit, Pristina. Kosovo 

DynCorp, Fort Worth, TX

+ High Risk Close Protection Course/Certificate 150 hrs

Job Title: Body Guard for: High Risk U.S. and International

Dignitaries and Albanian Orthodox Priests from Kosovo,

Witness Protection Duty, Judges in War crime Tribunals

Duties: Tactical Team. Body Guard. AIC, Team Leader and Lead. Limo, Follow Driver, Gunner. Hardening Sites, Site Survey.

Also, Certified Driver of RG-31 Nyala Troop carrier and RG-32 Scout

>Patrol Officer. Jackson Township Police Department

R.D.#4. Spring Grove, PA

Job Title: Patrol Officer Enforcement of Traffic and Criminal

Laws. Protection of Persons and Property

Duties: Investigate Crimes. Accidents, Disturbance Calls, Administer First Aid/CPR.


COMPLETED Deputy Sheriffs Education Basic Training

Commonwealth of Pennsylvania by Act 1984-2


Harrisburg Area Community College, Harrisburg. PA



York College of Pennsylvania, York. PA


Dover Area High School, Dover, PA


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